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‘Der Stock im Eisen’ (Nail-Tree) is used as a catalyst to transform its immediate surrounding. The origin of this project began inside the Museumsquartier with the host institution, Lumine, as part of a Q21 Artist in Residence Program in the spring of 2020.


Through the financial support of a 2019-20 US Fulbright Scholar Grant, the opportunity to collaborate with Lumine was made possible during the art residency in Vienna. Lumine is a Viennese Art Collective that works with large–scale light projections.

It is extremely exciting that funding for the next stage to actualize the event is provided through the US Embassy in Vienna, Austria, under the grant name the 'Austrian-American partnership Fund.'  Sponsorship from select companies, who have a holistic and sustainable outlook, as well as those located in the building, have been invited to be a part of the projection event and the year long augmented reality project. This new technology will allow visitors, who stand in front of the facade, to access the light projected, forest by using an App on their smart phone.

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