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The planned, light projection event will kick off at sunset, taking place upon the façade of the Palais Equitable Building for two evenings this autumn.  The projected, still image of a spruce forest stock photo will be interrupted every 3-5 minutes to display those institutions and companies sponsoring the project and to share a short description of its concept as well as this website address. Following the two evening event, the light projection will continue to be accessible through the revolutionary, visual technology referred to as augmented reality. By physically visiting the 'Stock im Eisen' Platz and looking at the facade by using a specific App, the recreation of the projected spruce forest can be seen on a smartphone.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 12.17.48

It's exciting to have Do&Co in the mix! It's our place of origin for the projection equipment as it will be set up from the balcony of room number 301 of Do&Co Hotel, located directly across from the building. A reception is planned in this room for all those parties involved. All Covid-19 Restrictions will be observed. Please stay tuned for the exact dates of the projection event as funding gets closer.

Documentation of the projection is planned using 8k video at three different times throughout the night: as the sun sets, the darkness of night, and as the sun begins to rise.  

Contact: for details.

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