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'Psyche and Commerce:

The Realignment of the Nail–Tree Talisman,'

takes Vienna’s oldest landmark—the midsection of tree trunk hammered full of nails from the Middle Ages—and places it back into its original environment, a spruce forest.  

Since 1891, this nail-tree talisman has been protected in an exterior corner of the prestigious Palais Equitable Building, which was built by US Dollars. The building was to symbolize an authoritarian agenda of power and wealth.

By projecting a forest of light onto the building's

highly ornate façade and fluorescent signs, we are reminded that humanity must strike a balance between commerce and nature vis-á-vis consumption and well–being.

Drawing by BERMANN, 

'Alt– und Neu–Wien,' 1880 p.0852, Der Stock im Eisen


Watch the transformation process, how the Nail-Tree Talisman returns back to its original environment, a spruce forest.


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